Minerva McGonagall (lady_mcgonagall) wrote,
Minerva McGonagall

Colwyn Bay is, as always, Colwyn Bay. The weather suits me, and the company suits me. I've no regrets about offering animagi sponsorship; training is going as planned.

My summer travels have been delightful but, ultimately, uneventful. One interesting note: I have been asked to speak at the International Confederation of Wizards Convention this October, an honor that leaves me positively breathless. The topic I will be speaking on is "The Integration of Language Study in the Teaching of Wandwork in Non-Romantic Languages," a topic that has been an area of both personal and scholastic interest to me for some time. Several wizarding schools that don't speak Romantic languages (including Durmstrang Academy of eastern Europe, the Salem Institute of the United States, and the Qing-Jao Conservatory of China) have already begun to integrate Latin into their curriculum, and I'd like to work towards a similar goal at Hogwarts. Had it not been for the rise and fall of You-Know-Who, this goal would have been accomplished years ago, but now that the danger has subsided, the Confederation can focus more on standardization and reform for wizarding schools.

The selection process for next year's prefects, Head Boy, and Head Girl is almost complete, and letters will be mailed out shortly. As a result of various circumstances, several seventh-years may expect to be named prefects, a change that should prove interesting.

Expect letters for school information and supplies shortly. I hope summer is going well for all of you.
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